Traditional Thai massage is an extraordinary method of a Buddhist therapeutic touch, Buddhist principle of “Metta” loving

kindness, an ancient healing art which was founded over 2000 years ago. Influences include yoga from India Ayurverdic and southeast Asian culture.

Father of medicine doctor Shivagomarpaj , who had connections with the Buddha and subsequent propagation to ascetic and

their monastic institution, the practitioner of this medicine were monks,practicing their healing at the monasteries.

The written records of Thai massage date back to the 17th century, there were medical scripture written on the palm

leaves that were regarded the same amount of respect and importance as the Buddhist scripture. Sadly, most of these old

documents were destroyed following the Burmese invasion of the old royal capital Ayutthaya and now lost forever.

The fragment that survived were collated together in the early 19th century by king Rama 3 and engraved at the Wat Pho

temple in Bangkok Thailand which is the most important school for Thai massage these days.

Thai massage developed originally as a spiritual practice, it was taught and practiced exclusively in temples were people

would go in search for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  The secret of Thai massage has been pass on from

generation to generation. There are 10 major life energy channels (sen sib) . These are the heart of the therapeutic Thai

massage,flowing movement stretches and rhythmic massage and pressure points. It can be done gently slow movement or fast

and deeper depend on restorative need or mood of the client.

There are 2 type of Thai massage, the first called “Ratchasumnak” it ‘s mean royal style massage with its use to massage

loyalty, this massage employ only hand in giving massage.

The second massage type it known as “Chaloeisak” this type of massage was practice by the common people and may use hand

elbows, knees and feet and such as with impolite form of massage.  Thai massage to the present day is mixer of 2 style

with the future unique feature, the use of select nature herbs.


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