Hello and Sawadee kha…

Welcome to my practice studio in Beaconsfield.

My name is Bootsakorn , I’m originally from the northern part of Thailand called “Chiang Rai”

I remember at the age of nine, when my mum came home from work, she always asked me

to rub her shoulders and walk on her back.That is when I started to develop my skills for

Thai massage.

I had my first Thai massage at Wat Po, during the session it felt a bit painful but

afterwards I felt very light and refreshed. Without hesitation, I enrolled a Thai massage

course on the same day and the course started a week later.

After I gained a Thai massage certificate in 1999, I had a great opportunity to practice Thai

massage at Wat Po temple under supervision from my teachers : Ajarn Sakorn and Ajarn

Jintana to build up my confidence and skills.

I have praceticed Thai massage in a work shop at Maboonklong shopping Center and it

was first work shop in Bangkok at that time.

I also gained a Thai foot reflexology massage certificate in July 2000 from Ministry of

public health tradition Thai medical in Bangkok .I also worked in Bangkok hospital as a

volunteer practicing Thai foot massage and body massage to the patient in the hospital.

I Came to England in December 2000 and i continue practiced Thai massage in England.

In 2002, I went back to Thailand and my plan was to stay in Thailand for 3 months.

I learnt Thai massage at several Thai temples around Bangkok to keep the high level

of education and to spread the knowledge of Thai massage as muck as possible.

I returned to Wat Po to learn advanced Thai medical massage therapy in 2002 ,I gained

my qualifications as well as in 2010 I achieved my Thai facial massage certificate in Bangkok.

I also achieved a course of VTCT level 3 in Swedish massage in 2013 in England

and followed by 2014, I achieved a pregnancy massage certificate.

I have adapted and improved my knowledge of massage through my work at a health club,

spa, a boutique hotel, beauty salon, clinic and studio as well as a mobile massage therapist.